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Introducing Chef Kris

About Chef Kris

Chef Kris is a graduate of Southwest TN Community College. She obtained her Associate’s degree in Hospitality Management with a concentration in Culinary Arts. She became certified through the American Culinary Association (ACF) in 2017. Chef Kris has had a passion for cooking and baking since the age of twelve. She discovered her passion during a difficult time in her life, where she had just undergone surgery and was confined to a wheelchair for a period of time. Her first dish she ever made was Paula Deen’s famous “Chocolate Cheese Fudge.” She later went on to win several awards with that recipe at the local county fairs. Chef Kris has worked under some of the top Chefs in the Memphis-Metropolitan area such as her mentor Chef Steven Leake, Chef Kevin Shockency and Executive Pastry Chef Juan Urcia. She has been able to prepare delectable desserts for top executives such as FedEx founder and CEO, Fred Smith.  Chef Kris is a GREAT mother of three beautiful girls and her goal is to leave them a legacy and successful business to operate!

Baking Croissants
Baking Ingredients
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